• Check your email address - it should be active and correct: check the spelling of your username and domain (ex: Yandex/Gmail/Rambler + ru/com/net), the @ symbol, and character separations.

  • Check all tabs in the Inbox folder, such as Social, Promotions, Updates, Forums.

  • Check the emails are not automatically forwarded to other accounts.

  • Check if you have a sufficient amount of free space inside your mailbox.

  • Use keyword search (try typing Overgear, for example).

  • Check your blacklist and Spam folder:

Settings (a gear wheel symbol at the top right corner of the interface) - See all settings - Filters and Blocked Addresses. Check your blacklist if it doesn’t include the following address [email protected]. Check also all the filters you might have accidentally turned on.

Server delays are possible - it may take up to several hours for an email to be delivered. Wait for the last email to come in case the password recovery letter was requested several times.

In case the steps were done, all information is valid, but there is still no email in any of the folders and tabs, please, contact our support manager in the chat on the website, or send us an email at [email protected].

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