The way you offer your products influences the selling. Customer trust is based on how you describe your products, the requirements, and the methods.

How To Put A Good Headline

Check the headlines of other products in the category of your product. You should mention the advantages of your offer in the headline. It could be a cheaper price for example or have some kind of bonus.

The headline should be well put and short so it gives an idea of what you are selling. A good headline and a competitive price can guarantee your offer will look interesting.

What To Avoid In Headlines

Do not state faction name in headlines because this information is put in tags automatically. If you can deliver service for both factions and then mark them both. Do not put the price in headlines, prices are written on the product’s card and on the list automatically based on the lowest price among the products of the same category.

Use Emojis to show how unique your service is.

The Best Product Description

The description of your service is as much important as the headline. It has 3 purposes:

  1. To answer the customer’s question “What will I receive?”

  2. To form trust as to a seller

  3. To save time

A buyer should understand what they will receive after using your services.
The description should have exact information about how quickly a buyer will get the product or service delivered.

Tip: Use WoWHead layout in your descriptions. It will look more interesting and the buyers will understand the information better.

If you want to give a discount, bonus or make sales, mention it in the product description.

If you sell raid spot or another service where faction/race is important. Put the links of similar products for other factions below the description (if you have such). This way the customer will not look for another seller in case he looked up a service for the wrong faction.

Mention any other information which will help customers make a choice in your favor. Do not be afraid to be funny but choose words carefully in your description.

Notice: It is forbidden to post any contact information of a buyer outside of OverGear (see User Agreement). The trade discussion should proceed in the Overgear chat window for additional safety.

Product Options

Add options to your product. It will increase the average sales and will allow buyers to choose additional options. Try to use the options which cannot be sold as separated products.

Good example: BoD 9/9 Heroic, options: (+1 Trade, +2 Trade, + VIP)
Bad example: BoD 9/9 Heroic, options: (+1 cd, +2 cd, + normal, + selfplay)

  • There is a separate price for self-play options which you can unblock when creating a service.

  • Difficulty modes are subcategories and are not mentioned in options.

  • The starting time of the raid is specified in every product separately and affects the delivery period. Create products for every date and time separately so you will not have problems with the date agreed.

What Price To Put

It is not enough to have only a good description to compete on the trading platform. Your offer must have a competitive price (but it is not a requirement). You decide the prices of your services by yourself. But it is not tempting to buy something which is a higher price than other products, not unless your offer has some exclusive options.

Check the prices for similar products on Overgear in the stores and then decide what price you want to put on your product or service.

Notice: Overgear does not limit sellers when it comes to prices. But we do not favor price dumping. Overgear allows gamers and professional boosters to trade services and products directly with other players. That is a keystone to a low price.

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