Two or three times a week we send the best offers in popular categories to our followers. If you want your product to be recommended, it has to be more interesting than the other products in the same category.

How To Improve Your Offer

  • Competitive price - Offer the price lower than other sellers. Your price should be lower than the prices in boosting stores.

  • Popular category - Only products of a popular category get in recommendations. If you offer services that are in an unpopular category, try to make your offer look way better among other offers and contact our Support.

  • Presentation - Make a well-put and detailed description of the product. It is important, so even the most casual player can understand it. Add options to your product and explain the price in detail so the cost of the product with options will not confuse the customer.

  • Factions - If it is possible, you should create one offer for both factions. If you create one faction offer, put a similar offer but for another faction in the link below. It will help the customer to choose the faction they need instead of looking for another offer.

  • Discounts and bonuses - Make discounts for your products or bonuses. It is a good idea to put the discount amount in the headline to show how cheaper your product becomes. Put different prices in options, for example: 1 run - 16 USD, 2 runs (-50%) - 8 USD.

  • Add a translation - You can publish your products in two languages. If you can speak another language, add the translation to the description. Then the offer will be seen by more buyers.

Be competitive, put your offers in a unique way and we'll tell our users about your offers in the next recommendations. Following these tips will help you to increase your chance to get a new customer.

I Made An Offer – How Do I Get It Into Overgear Recommendations

To be sure your product will get in the next recommendation list after you create it, just write to Overgear Support via the Online chat.

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