If the seller requested the delivery confirmation but you didn't receive an order, contact the seller to find out where your order is. There is a possibility that the order was sent to the wrong receiver or character, so you should:

  1. Check the information you provided the seller with

  2. Ask the seller if he sent it correctly according to the received information from you

Everything is correct but the order is missing

If the contact information was correct the seller has to deliver the order. Otherwise, contact arbitrage describing the problem in detail. Just wait for arbitrage response without arguing with the seller.

Arbitrage will consider your ticket and contact the seller. We will refund the payment for the service in case the seller has no proof of the delivered order.

In some cases, arbitrage can only partially refund the payment if the order was delivered partially.
If the order was sent (the seller has a proof of executed and delivered order) but it was frozen or canceled due to in-game situations or game administration actions, the order is considered complete and delivered.

The lack of the order delivery proof automatically solves the situation in your favor.

Important: Fraud (on seller/buyer account) is punishable with a permanent account ban and freezing all the funds on it.

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