To see your order status open «My orders» and find it on the list. Every time the status changes the buyer gets a notification on site. Some notifications can be sent to your email.

Types of order status

  1. NEW— active until the seller sees it.

  2. RECEIVED BY SELLER — active until the seller starts working on it.

  3. IN PROGRESS — while this status is active, the seller has to deliver your order in terms of the previously set date.

  4. CONFIRM DELIVERY — this status means that the seller requires you to confirm the delivery.

  5. WAITING FOR SCREENSHOTS — this status means that the order was completed and the customer confirmed completion. Now seller needs to upload screenshots with proof that the order was completed from his side. No further actions from customers are needed.

  6. COMPLETED — you confirmed the delivery and the deal is considered to be complete. Also, this status is received automatically in 72 h when you don't confirm the delivery and don't contact arbitrage.

  7. ARBITRAGE — this status is on if there are conflicts and one of the parties contacts arbitrage.

  8. CANCELED — this status is on when the buyer cancels the order before the seller saw it and started to execute.

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