To see your order status open «My orders» and find it on the list. Everytime the status changes the buyer gets a notification on site. Some notifications can be sent to your email.

Types of order status

  1. NEW— active until the seller sees it.

  2. RECEIVED BY SELLER — active until the seller starts working on it.

  3. IN PROGRESS — while this status is active, the seller has to deliver your order in terms of the previously set date.

  4. CONFIRM DELIVERY — this status means that the seller requires you to confirm the delivery.

  5. COMPLETED — you confirmed the delivery and the deal is considered to be complete. Also, this status is received automatically in 72 h when you don't confirm the delivery and don't contact arbitrage.

  6. ARBITRAGE — this status is on if there are conflict and one of the parties contacts arbitrage.

  7. CANCELED — this status is on when the buyer cancels the order before the seller saw it and started to execute.

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