A partial payment refund is possible when the order is not completed or the delivery terms are not followed. In most cases, Overgear arbitrage solves partially delivered orders.

But you can solve the problems with the seller directly so they can complete all agreed terms unless you do not confirm the delivery and they do not receive the payment.

Partially completed orders

The cases of partially completed orders are:

  • 30% or more of work was completed

  • the seller has reasonable issues why the order cannot be finished

  • the order was completed but the terms were not fully followed

  • late item/service delivery date

How to request a partial refund

If you could not solve the issue with the seller directly, contact arbitrage. Proceed on the «My orders» tab and choose the order you have problems with, then press «I need help» and submit an arbitrage ticket or contact our Customer care team via live chat of the website.

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