The Overgear Guarantor System is designed to ensure users’ financial safety. When making a purchase, customers can be sure about their order delivery and sellers have no reason to worry about receiving payments either.

Main Features

After a buyer completes checkout, we hold the funds until the order is delivered. Only when the buyer confirms delivery do we transfer the necessary amount of money to the seller’s account.

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Arbitration System

If any of the parties involved violates the Terms of Agreement (ToA), they are free to involve the Overgear Arbitration Team by submitting an application. The Arbitration Team will find a solution complying with the ToA.

Settlement of Disputes. How To Open A Dispute

Common situations:

The order wasn't delivered
Delivered something I've not ordered
The order was partially completed

To get Arbitration assistance, it is necessary to open a dispute or contact Customer Support. You can do this by opening an order card and clicking the "submit arbitrage ticket" link. Then, choose an appropriate category and fully describe your situation. It takes up to 24 hours to consider each application. You will receive a response within this period.


Overgear Policy

Buyers can be sure that any agreements between them and sellers will be considered. In case of a violation, we’ll ask a seller to deliver an order in accordance with its ToA. In case of failure to deliver the order, we’ll provide a full or partial refund.

All sellers on Overgear are accredited; their identities verified. So, you do not have to worry.


An example: You didn’t get all the loot guaranteed to you — instead of 7 specified items, you collected less. In this case, your seller will offer you a second raid or another mutually beneficial solution. To be sure about a seller’s trustworthiness, go through their customer reviews before proceeding to checkout.

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