Where to see the date of the order delivery

All agreements in the chat about the date of the order delivery and time of its execution has the same importance as the terms in the description of the offer. If you could not find the date of the delivery, contact the seller in the online chat.


Required time to deliver gold (in the offers card)


Time of the raid start (on the list of raids)

The required time to deliver the order

The order delivery depends on the type of an item\service and it is set by the seller.
For example:

  • in-game currency delivery takes from 5 to 20 minutes

  • a raid or another in-game even can take a few hours

  • getting in-game items (rare items, mounts, etc.) can take daily routine during a month

In case of a long-term order execution the seller and the buyer should discuss when the seller can log in the game and how long he can stay online to execute the order.

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