There are two ways to get a 100% refund: Automatically or by arbitration.

How to Cancel an Order and Automatically Receive Payment

Your order must have “new” status and is not accepted by the seller yet to receive a full refund.

In other words, if you have bought a service by accident or incorrectly and a seller has not started to deliver it you can cancel it yourself and the money will automatically go back to your balance account.

100% Refund In Case of Seller Issues

You can return 100% of payment if:

  • The seller did not follow the trade requirements

  • The seller did not follow the date of service delivery.

  • The seller hasn't even started to fulfill the service which was ordered

If you believe that the seller violated the trade requirements and did not offer you compensation, you can create a complaint and ask for help from our Customer care team.

In the case of boosting services, if the seller/booster started to make any progress during fulfilling your order, the Overgear team will investigate every case separately and would come to an agreement with users (customer and seller) upon the amount of the refund.

If your order was started or even

In cases where we find a violation on the seller’s side and prove that they didn't follow the full requirements or delivery services, you can claim only partial payment return.

Never confirm successful service delivery if you are not fully satisfied with the service. You can always contact Overgear customer care team in this case.

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