Buyer deal

When the buyer presses «Buy now», a sum of money transfers from their Overgear account balance and will freeze. The money will stay there until the buyer confirms that the order delivery has been successful.

After getting the order the buyer should press «Confirm the delivery». All the details can be discussed in the Overgear chat before that. After the order confirmation, the money will go into the seller’s account. In order to avoid an accident confirmation, Overgear’s system will warn the buyer that the payment will be transferred to the seller and it will be impossible to appeal the order confirmation. After the buyer’s confirmation, the order status will say “Done”.

After the deal is complete the buyer can rate the seller’s work and leave a review that can be seen by other Overgear users.

Seller deal

When the seller gets an order, accept it by pressing «Accept the order» and then the order status will change to “In progress“. The buyer can cancel the order by creating a dispute. After delivering the order, the seller has to ask for order confirmation from the buyer.

VIolation of the deal by one of the parties

If the terms are in violation you can contact Overgear customer care team to solve the issue and later receive compensation. If the order is already complete and the arbitrage option is unavailable, you can contact Overgear support via online chat or by creating a ticket.

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