A seller may be unavailable for a reply for the following cases:

  • They are offline at the moment

  • They are currently in game delivering a service.

Online status of a seller is displayed by the color of their avatar.

Green - a seller is online
Grey - a seller is offline

Online users get sound notifications and see messages using the online Overgear chat function. Sellers that are online will reply faster.

You can filter the list of offers in case you need a fast reply by choosing the option Ā«Online SellersĀ». For example, when buying gold or Mythic boost.

A seller is still not replying

Online sellers might chat in multiple windows at the same time, most of the time this is the reason for a late reply.

The average reply time among online sellers is 2 minutes.

How to get a reply from a seller

  1. When sending an initial message, be sure to give details about your request and ask any questions you have.

  2. Be persistent. A lot of gamers will tab often or listen to music. If you don't get a reply, message the seller again so they don't miss the notification.

  3. Write to another seller. If the offer from another seller is not the best option, ask for a discount and mention similar or cheaper prices.

  4. If you don't manage to get a discount from a seller, and the previous seller has still not replied, you can wait for their reply offline. Don't forget to turn on notifications on Telegram on Overgear.

  5. Contact Online Support on Overgear. State your problem and we will contact you with a similar offer or find a better seller for you.

Sellers will get in touch

If you contact an offline seller they will get a notification to their phone as our sellers are connected to the Telegram bot.

Remember that Overgear users live in different time zones.

You can get also notifications on your phone so you will not miss the seller's reply.

I have paid for the service but the seller stopped replying

If you have paid for service before contacting a seller and they have not replied, try to wait for their reply. In the case that the seller has replied but reviewed the order after the payment, you can easily cancel the order and get a refund.

The seller accepted the order but is not replying

If you have paid for an order and the seller had accepted but stopped replying contact Overgear Customer Support. State the seller's username and describe the situation. We will review the problem and take appropriate measures.

Do not forget to leave positive reviews about good sellers who have fast communication and deliver an efficient service.

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