Don't worry! We expect our customers to make mistakes when choosing the options for their orders! So we have these ready-made solutions.

I have already paid but I chose the wrong option (I did not choose an option)

Contact the seller you purchased the service from and explain the mistake.
The seller will offer several ways to fix it:

  • You can cancel the order (money return to Overgear account) and buy it again choosing the correct options

  • You can pay for the options you want additionally by buying an offer created specifically for you

  • You may still get the options you want to be done if they are free by default or were not specified with an additional price.

  • Contact Overgear Customer Care team

I paid more than was required or chose the wrong option

If the seller has not proceeded to your service try to cancel the order and buy it again. The money you spent will go back to your Overgear balance account.

In case the seller does not want to follow your request or you have some doubts then just contact our Customer Care team and we will help you.

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