Read each paragraph carefully!

  1. Discussion of either the terms of the deal, methods of delivery, or other services outside of the Overgear chat is prohibited. All violations come with a warning, in case of a repeated violation your account will be blocked from sales for a certain time (read more at Rules violation and seller's penalty), and in case of a repeated violation ban becomes permanent.

  2. Rough dumping and ignoring the minimum price set for the particular product in the chosen section. If we suspect one of the sellers is roughly dumping the prices, we may enforce the temporary/permanent ban in order to ensure healthy and competitive prices.

  3. The seller can not share any personal contacts with a customer. Violation of this rule results in the account block and/or annulment of Overgear balance.

  4. The seller is not entitled to make a deal, to offer, or agree to make a payment directly, outside of Overgear. Violation of this rule results in the account block and/or annulment of Overgear balance.

  5. After confirmation of payment from the customer, the seller is obliged to start working on the order within the time limit that is either specified in advance or agreed upon during the chat with the customer, in compliance with all the conditions of the order. In the event of a breach of conditions and agreements, the customer can send the dispute to arbitration, and as a result, the money will be refunded on his account and the sellers will get a warning.

  6. Creation of two and more seller/vendor accounts. Violation of this rule results in the warning and removal of the second account. In the case of repeated violation, the main account will be banned. If the second account is created after the main account was banned, it will also be deleted.

  7. Fake reviews. Buying your own products from the second account or targeted cheating with third-party assistance is prohibited by Overgear’s rules. In case of violation, all reviews shall be deleted and a warning will be sent.

  8. Foul language. It is prohibited to create offers containing foul language in the title or in the description. Also, be always polite with customers! Excessive rudeness or impertinence may result in a fine of 10 euros and 3-day ban.

  9. The Overgear commission. You can read more about Overgear's commission at What is Overgear commission?

Commission reductions are possible during special periods. Sellers shall be notified in advance in case of changes of commission for certain services.

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