Reviews and ratings are the most important and transparent indicators of the seller’s professionalism. We are very sensitive to feedback and we do not remove reviews at the request of sellers, and we’re very carefully fighting fake reviews.

But we agree that sometimes reviews are biased, and sometimes even absurd.

Customer’s order was delivered in accordance with all agreements and Overgear regulations but the client has given you a bad score? There could be several reasons:

  • Customer did not understand or did not read the description of the service and expected something completely different;

  • The customer has given you the score out of spite and has gone silent;

  • A common mistake during the writing of review;

  • Other factors for which you consider the review to be biased.

If such situations occurred, you should do the following:

  1. Make sure to contact the customer in the chat and try to calmly find out the reason and resolve the situation. In this case, if you have reached a consensus with a client you can contact the support via discord or help center, after which the review will be either edited or deleted, depending on the will of the customer.

  2. If the customer does not answer, you can contact the support directly, but you should be prepared to provide screenshots of the completed order. The more evidence and facts that prove your right provided by you, the better.

  3. Support will try to contact the customer directly in any case, however, if the customer does not reply, it does not guarantee that review will be removed. It all depends on the provided evidence. The more you provide, the better, so you should always remember to take screenshots!

The form of addressing the support:

  • Your nickname

  • The nickname of the customer

  • Text and the score in the review

  • A detailed description of the situation

You can contact support directly using the discord - Overgear(Tech.Support)#5541

In the Overgear discord channel -

And using the form in the Help Center -

You should be prepared that even if the review seems unfair to you, we may decide to keep it, and we ask you to understand.

If the customer has left a negative review - in 90% of cases he was upset about something.

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